Who we are

International Language Solutions

International Language Solutions are a UK based EdTech Company. Utilising British business acumen and local on-the-ground knowledge. In 2018, we had a multi-million pound turnover .

We are involved in designing disruptive and efficient Learning Solutions in the EdTech sector in Europe, Asia and Africa.

We have pioneered the "Language Lab" A turn-key Adaptive Learning solution to Language Teaching that can be seemlessly inserted into any nations' education system .

Because of our dual nationality management, we are in a unique position to understand both the intricacies of Western business, and the delicacies of overseas cultures.

We have ongoing projects in Afghanistan, Paraguay and Sri Lanka.


We want to bring the teaching of English into the 21st Century. We want to help make our Language Lab pupils into the future Businessmen, Entrepreneurs, Inventors, Doctors and Politicians.

"We are currently embarked on a project in Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh province with its 75 schools and 190,000 pupils. We aim to build 75 Brand New Language Labs from "Dust to Desktop" on a turn-key basis from start to finish".

Balkh province will have the most modern, functioning Educational system in the whole of Afghanistan. Every child in every school will be able to learn English utilising the proven Eurotalk system.

3000 Laptops will be used in Language Labs in every school.

75 New Teachers trained.

21,000 Learning Languages each day.

1 laptop per student for the best possible learning.

It will be the model which every other province uses to teach its children English.


English is the language of international business, shipping and aviation.

Learning English will help Junior Citizens to become tomorrows Politicians, Journalists, Inventors, and Businessmen.

Helping to educate girls who will become both citizens and mothers. Who will teach their children to love learning and in doing so, break the cycle of violence that ignorance and fear breeds .

Forming an understanding of Western Culture to help bridge the cultural gap and make mineral rich, transport strategic Countries open for business.

To help the new leaders absorb the best ideas of the West and utilise them to make the Country stronger, richer and more powerful.